Prettau® Zirconia is a dental implant bridge that is set apart by a number of unique advantages.

Watch Dr. Calian explain the benefits.

Smile Design Dental Spa is able to customize each implant so that it meets our exact design specifications. Once designed, the PRETTAU® Zirconia dental implant bridge is fabricated without the use of acrylic or metal, which can make dental restorations vulnerable to structural damage and cosmetic imperfections. Instead, the PRETTAU® Zirconia implant is fabricated using zirconia. Zirconia is the preferred material because of the following benefits it provides our patients:



  • Zirconia is completely biocompatable with the human body.

  • Zirconia is the strongest dental material available.

  • Zirconia will not chip

  • Zirconia will not crack

  • Zirconia will not break

  • Zirconia is tooth colored and will not discolor over time

  • Zirconia will not stain


the only practice in the area

Dr. Calian is one of the few dentists in the United States to offer this leading dental treatment, and the first to offer the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge in our area! In fact, the PRETTAU® Zirconia dental implant bridge has been used in the United States for less than a year.

Stop the endless dental cycle of replacing failing root canals, large fillings, problematic gum disease etc. The Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge is the future of dentistry to replace missing teeth, a denture, or failing dental work!

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